ZZ Sinister Secrets of Saltmarsh

Entering the Haunted House

After arriving at the Haunted House, the party found the front door locked and were unable to open it. Instead they went around the back, past a dark, forbidding well, and Artemis unlocked the back door with his thieves’ tools. As soon as they stepped inside, haunting laughter filled the air, seeming to come from the house itself. Then they were assaulted by goblins, which they killed after a brief skirmish.

A quick sweep of the house revealed that the ground floor and upper floor were mostly empty and in very poor repair. Artemis discovered a man tied up in one of the upper bedrooms. He told the man to stay put until after they finished clearing the house, but as soon as his back was turned, the man threw off his false bonds and attacked Artemis with a poisoned dagger. The fight could have gone poorly, but Artemis was quick and the others were waiting out in the hall. The assassin was quickly laid low, but Navi was nearly felled by the poisoned blade.

When the party descended the back stairs into the kitchen, they were able to make short work of the centipedes inside, but not before Bran was bitten and fell into a deep sleep. Terevan volunteered to watch over her while the rest of the group inspected the house.

After clearing the kitchen, drawing room, and west wing, the party recovered 14 books, three of great value to a wizard. They also found 2 mysterious vials of a rose-colored liquid and a magic ring, which they gave to Terevan. They also found stairs leading into the attic and the cellar, and screams were heard coming from down in the cellar.

Everyone may advance to 2nd level before next week’s game. Terevan gains a Ring of Protection, granting +1 to AC and all saves.


Azhmodai Azhmodai

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